Femininity, grace, passion and confidence is what inspires Walton to create each collection for our global clientele. “I’m inspired by our dynamic world and modern women. Women that enjoy life, love themselves and others,” says Ani.

Walton Jewellery has been founded by Imperial College London graduate - Ani Melikdzhanian. She came up with the idea while studying her Master’s degree. “I wanted to create a brand with limited collections of costume jewellery that you can proudly wear for any important occasion,” says Ani. Sophisticated jewellery that catches the eye and yet is convenient to travel with.
Jewellery that adds outstanding sparkle to your little black dress and gives you the confidence no matter where you are.
Happily soon after the launch we have been appreciated by fashion lovers globally. Our customers wear Walton Jewellery for Cannes Film Festival parties, cozy dinners with friends, weddings and other memorable events.
Walton Jewellery is one brand for any occasion of your life.